Camp Life

Not sure what to expect at camp? The following will describe how the camp functions, schedules, and some daily activities involved in camp life.

Cabin Assignments
The campers at each camp are divided into cabin groups. A minimum ratio of 5 [campers]:1 [counsellor] will be maintained. Normally, one counsellor and one CIT will be assigned to each cabin, although additional counsellors will be added as required.

Daily Schedule
This is a sample of a typical day at Camp McDougall. Theme days and special events will often mean an alteration to the schedule. Please notice that this is a very active and busy schedule, so it is important to get as much sleep as possible every night.

7:30   Wake up                    12:45  Cabin Clean-up/Rest time    6:30  Cabin Time
7:45   Morning Watch             1:45   Session 2                          7:00   Camp Wide Game
8:00   Morning Activities         2:45   Snack                               8:15   Snack
8:30   Breakfast                    3:00   Session 3                           8:30   Campfire
9:30   Chapel                        4:00   Free Swim                         9:30   Goodnight Campers
10:30   Session 1                   5:00   Change                           10:00  Lights Out Campers
11:30   Daily Duties/Jumpers  5:15   Jumpers                          12:00   Goodnight Everyone
12:00   Lunch                        5:30   Supper                                                               

Morning Watch & Vespers
Each day begins with Morning Watch. All of the people at camp gather around the flag-pole to sing the national anthem, which is followed by a brief reflection or thought or prayer to start the day. Similarly, the day is ended with a brief thought or reflection around the campfire known as Vespers.

The main programmed activities of the average day at camp are the three sessions. These are Arts & Crafts, Recreation, and Waterfront. The campers are divided into session groups, and each group rotates from one session to the next.

The last program activity of each day is the campfire. Campfires involve many different elements, all of which should be blended together to create a well-rounded campfire. Campfires include a variety of types of songs, stories, and skits. Each cabin will be responsible for one campfire throughout the course of the week.

(What to bring.  What NOT to bring.  Allergies)

  The mission of Camp McDougall
  is to enrich the lives of campers
  by providing quality outdoor
  recreational programming that
  promotes positive self esteem,
  acceptance and friendship,
  founded in a safe and inclusive
  Christian community.
Camp McDougall
200 McNabb Street,  P.O. Box 22082,
Sault Ste. Marie, ON,  P6B 6H4
Camp McDougall
is a United Church of Canada children's residential summer camp in THESSALON, Ontario